TaylorMade Finance

We brokered a better deal for TaylorMade.

      The Challenge

Drive traffic & increase lead generation.

TaylorMade Finance approached Run2 as their website was outdated, they lacked a strong brand and they had very little online presence. They were relying on buying leads from lead suppliers and were generating very few leads of their own. They required a complete rebrand, new website and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would drive traffic to their website and increase their lead generation.

With no search presence and very little traffic, we were starting from scratch in a competitive industry.

      The solution


We created a brand for TaylorMade that encompassed their core company essence – the unique look allowed them to quickly establish themselves as a major player in the mortgage broker sector. The feedback was outstanding and the style has been noticeably replicated across the wider sector due to its noticeable success.

Web design & build.

TaylorMade’s old website was outdated and lacked any distinct branding or journey. The new website was integral to building their online presence. We designed the site with a focus on SEO, ensuring all best practice fundamentals were in place.

Content strategy.

We planned out a comprehensive content marketing strategy with both SEO and the client’s key target demographics in mind. We wanted to ensure we were speaking to all audiences, from first time buyers to those freeing up capital through remortgaging.

      The results

Combining a brand new site with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy delivered outstanding results for TaylorMade.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in direct traffic


Increase in traffic via social channels