Perfect Product Co

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      Originating a fresh identity for a family of brands.

The Perfect Product Co. was founded by a small team of like-minded people, with an accumulated over 50 years’ experience in the luxury goods industry. They source high quality products from renowned producers with genuine heritage. They have 3 different sub-brands, Perfect Drinks Co, Perfect Smoke Co and Perfect Shave Co.

      The challenge

To create a family of unique but familiar logos.

We are tasked with crafting a range of concepts for a startup company selling alcohol, smoke supplies and shaving products. The brief was fairly open for us to originate a fresh brand identity inspired by a fusion of traditional and modern design.

The chosen concept was a blended monochromatic family of minimal logos paired with a scripted detail. We felt that this concept had a timeless, impactful feel and would work well in the target industry.

      Alternative Concept

An artsy approach.

We also crafted an elegant illustrative logo family which tapped into the hipster market. Both the client and our team loved this alternative but thought that it may have a limited shelf life given fast trend changes in this market.