Why AI Wont Replace Content Writers

May 1, 2024

References to AI seem to be everywhere today, and concerns about automation replacing human jobs seem to be escalating. When thinking of it this way it is easy to see AI as a threat, but this is where you can miss out on future-proofing your marketing skills, by not learning how to incorporate AI into your business.

Let’s take a look at why we think AI won’t replace content writers and how you can incorporate AI to boost your content writing skills.


What is AI and How is it Used for Content Writing?

AI (artificial intelligence) is a type of technology that enables computers and other machines to simulate human intelligence. AI can be incorporated into many areas of your business and everyday life, and it can be used as a digital assistant, GPS guidance, autonomous vehicles, and generative AI for digital marketing content

Types of AI Used for Content Writing

For content writers, AI can be an extremely useful tool alongside your existing process and can be used in a variety of ways. Sites such as ChatGPT can write for you, although it is not recommended without human intervention and below we will explain why.


Does this Mean that Content Writers are out of a Job?

At the moment, AI certainly cannot replace the human experience of content writing and reading content written by a human. It is not a tool to completely replace the human brain, and search engines will quickly pick up on low-quality, irrelevant content written purely by AI. 

The Output is Only as Good as the Input

AI works by scanning the internet for relevant information and compiling it into an article that best suits what you’re writing about. Therefore, the quality of the information written needs to be of a high standard in order for AI to generate high-quality content. It is also important to be specific in your request, as the more detailed information you give it, the more detailed information you will get out of it.

It Doesn’t have Reason or Emotion

Unlike humans, AI doesn’t have a brain, therefore it is unable to think or feel. AI’s knowledge is purely logical so it is unable to write about the experiences and feelings we have that can shape our viewpoints.

It’s not Always Accurate

Although powerful, AI cannot overwrite human error, it is still able to get things wrong and when using ChatGPT you will see a disclaimer stating “ChatGPT may produce inaccurate information about people, places, or facts.” Due to this, content writing still needs a human touch to fact-check.

It Lacks Personality

As mentioned previously, AI cannot replicate the human experience and therefore lacks the originality, personality, and tone of human writing. It is possible to train some forms of AI to mirror your tone of voice or writing style, but a human element will always be needed to ensure that it remains on brand.


Content Writers: How You can Use AI to your Advantage

At the moment there is no need to fear AI, it is unlikely that content writers will be put out of business right now, how it can be used is, as a powerful sidekick. There are several ways AI can be incorporated into content writing

  • For Research – this can be the most time-consuming part of content writing, planning content ideas, conducting keyword research, and creating outlines for blogs. AI can help with this by finding your customer pain points, finding content ideas, writing blog post templates, turning audience interviews into messaging insights, and turning keywords into long-tail queries.

  • For Writing – once you’ve started writing, the process is primarily human-led, as your tone of voice, experiences, and feelings matter in order to engage with your audience. AI can be used as a sub-writer however, by generating headlines, writing meta descriptions, writing relevant FAQs for your content, and also summarising your writing.

  • For Editing – once written, proofreading your content is hard but extremely necessary, this is where AI can assist in simplifying your writing, adding more emotion, and clarifying your content.


Working with AI to Better your Content Writing

Whilst we understand how to incorporate AI into your content writing, it is easy to feel fearful of using it and we can’t predict what it will turn into in the future but right now, AI is a powerful sidekick to SEO and human content writers. It can also be used to speed up your writing, as the more help you get in the researching and editing phase, the quicker you can create valuable, relevant content.


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