Technical SEO.


A website that isn’t following technical best practice will never perform to its full potential, regardless of how hard the other areas are working. Our technical SEO strategy is based on two fundamental pillars; our team will identify all areas that can be enhanced or fixed, and then we work with you to implement these improvements.

      Our approach

Mobile optimisation

As more users rely on mobile devices to consume online content, speed and user
experience is key. Through AMP HTML your website will load quickly on mobile devices – something the search engines will reward you for. Additionally, mobile users are more likely to consume and share AMP versions of web pages which is effectively the end goal.

Site architecture

A well-planned site allows search engines to regularly crawl, cache and index your
pages. Through the appropriate use of subdomains, formatting of URLs and the submission of sitemaps, we’ll ensure that as your website grows over time, the site architecture is sound enough to cope. This is especially critical for ecommerce sites where products need to be divided into relevant categories.

HTML markup

By adding HTML markup to your site, we guarantee your content is formatted at its best. Websites that have HTML markup allow search engines to better understand the content on it. In turn, they’ll index your site more effectively and provide more relevant results. This is what leads to more traffic and an increased click-through rate.

      Search engines drive 300% more traffic to websites than social media.

Through a combination of science and design we can ensure your website is compatible with search engine guidelines. If your website’s technical SEO isn’t done correctly it can mean efforts elsewhere go unrewarded. When the search engines trust your website, people trust your website. We can help you earn that trust.

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