Email marketing.

      Intelligent, precise, profitable email marketing.

Email has the best return on investment of any communications tactic.
Having direct access into your customers’ mailbox is invaluable, so why not make the most of it with an email marketing agency?

Whether you’re looking to boost sales, drive traffic to your site or increase brand awareness, we can
help you do that through considered, intelligent email marketing.

      How we do it

Quantifiable results

We don’t just send emails out into the ether and hope for the best. We measure open rates, click through rates and unsubscribes to see what works with your customers and what doesn’t. With quantifiable results we can continuously improve your email marketing strategy.

Targeted mail

A generic, catch all email isn’t going to get you the results you’re looking for. We create emails tailored to your different audiences, and strategically utilise smaller, segmented email lists to increase open and click-through rates.

Creative content

Our digital marketing and content team work in unison to devise interesting and creative email content, from enticing subject lines to clear, concise and appealing body copy.

      Expertly crafted email solutions

If you’ve tried email marketing before with little success, we can run tests to find out why. Our content team will craft the right message to increase your open rates, personalised to suit your target audience. We’ll combine this with a creative email design to form the perfect partnership. Then we’ll ensure it’s sent to just the right markets for optimum impact. If you’re looking for an email marketing agency in Manchester, we’re confident that we will get you the highest return on investment possible.

If you’re sick of your emails being moved to junk or deleted without ever being opened, talk to us at Run2. We’ll show you how to stop people hitting unsubscribe.

      Get in touch.

Do you need help with your email marketing? Are you dedicated to improving your results and your bottom line? If so, this could be the start of a winning partnership.