Manchester named the UK’s most creative city

February 5, 2024

Manchester has officially been named the most creative city in the UK.

This is according to research by Adobe Express, who recently ran a survey of 2,000 UK adults which found that two thirds (67%) of the nation describe themselves as ‘very creative’. The study then went on to discover which UK towns and cities officially lead the way on the creativity scale, and the research revealed that the most creative city in the UK is Manchester, boasting an overall creativity score of 8.7/10.

In order to create their rankings, the experts at Adobe Express examined a variety of factors, such as the number of jobs available in the art sector, the number of museums and galleries, and the number of notable artists born in each of the 30 towns or cities compared within the study.

Each town/city was searched on TikTok for #citystreetart and #streetartcity to reveal each city’s/town’s artistic popularity on the platform. Subsequently, Indeed was scraped to determine the availability of creative art job openings in each of the towns/cities, amongst other things – all data was collected in December 2023 and is accurate as of then.

The study found that in Manchester, there are a whopping 111 notable creatives per 100,000 people, which includes musicians, painters and writers. For those looking to get in the creative arts job market, Manchester also boasts 31 relevant job roles per 100,000 residents (at the time the study was undertaken).

As a digital marketing agency with our roots in Manchester, this didn’t really come as a huge surprise to us. We know how many incredible creatives live and work in the fantastic city of Manchester. And we’re lucky to have some of them working for RUN2!


The top 10 most creative towns and cities in the UK

Coming in second behind Manchester in the study was Brighton and Hove, scoring 7.6/10 overall, highlighting Manchester’s achievement even more, given that Brighton and Hove is generally considered the home of creatives in the UK.

The top 10 most creative cities were as follows:

1. Manchester

2. Brighton and Hove

3. Bristol

4. Leeds

5. = Edinburgh

5. = Liverpool

7. = Newcastle upon Tyne

7. = Glasgow

9. Norwich

10. Nottingham


Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester

Despite the fact that we now have clients throughout the UK, we are a Manchester digital agency born and bred, and Manchester is where our heart is.

Long before Ancoats was crowned one of “the world’s coolest neighbourhoods”, we chose it as RUN2’s home, with our first office in Waulk Mill on Bengal Street. As the neighbourhood grew, filling up with some of Manchester’s favourite restaurants and bars, RUN2 grew too: in fact, our little team grew from 10 to 30 pretty much overnight! That’s when we moved to our second Manchester office- upstairs to a bigger space within our beloved Waulk Mill.

When we first started out, the majority of our clients were Manchester businesses: a mixture of SMEs and bigger brands, across a variety of sectors. We’re very pleased to say that some of them are still our clients today, over a decade later. We’ve found that Manchester companies are passionate, progressive, and interested in new ideas, which is why we love working with Manchester-based businesses on their digital marketing.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Manchester, why not get in touch with us for a chat? From boosting web traffic and converting users into customers, excelling in search marketing (SEO), and creating and running effective pay-per-click campaigns (PPC), we can handle and advise on it all.

The way we do things is just as important to us as what we do. We’re always transparent and always honest: after all, that’s the Manchester way!